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A possibly unsafe operation condition arising from the use of an incandescent lamps on a luminaires designed for energy saving lamps or LED lamps with common lampholders (referred from the item a3 of clause 12.5.1 of EN 60598-1)

Dear Customer,
For luminaires designed only for energy saving lamps or LED lamps but with common lampholders; e.g. E14 or E27 for incandescent lamps, the tests are done with the specified lamps.

Normally those specified energy saving lamps or LED lamps do have little power like 5W or 13W; but are marked with the equivalent incandescent lamp power like 40W or 75W in terms of lumen.

Such energy saving lamps or LED lamps are using the same lampholder as traditional incandescent lamps. Hence it may be possible that a user will replace the energy saving lamp or LED lamp with the equivalent incandescent lamp as marked.

This situation has to be described in the manual and of course has to be restricted. But it also has to be considered as foreseeable misuse. Considering foreseeable misuse cannot be prevented by a manual or warnings means that each luminaire has to be tested by applying this misuse.

For Example:
Luminaires suitable for E27 12 W CFL = 60W have to be tested with an E27 60W bulb. As compliance criteria the following conditions have to be fulfilled:
1)  During the tests, the luminaire shall not emit flames, molten metal, or poisonous or ignitable gas in hazardous amount.
2)  After the tests, and when the luminaire has cooled to approximately room temperature, the degree of protection again electric shock shall not be impaired.

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