10 Blue LED 3 Wire String Lights, Connectable, White Cable

Product Specification
Brand Festival light
Fuctions Static
Height 50cm
Indoor or Outdoor Outdoor
Light Sensor Dask till Dawn
Motion Activted Yes
Motion Sensor PIR Sensor
Number of Bulbs 29LEDs
Power Source Solar
Rechangeable Bettery Included Yes
Bulb colour White

Festive Lighting All Year Round with Festive Lights

Festive Lights are the leading suppliers of indoor, outdoor and festive lighting in the UK. Illuminate your house, garden or other property all year round with our range of lighting products. Like dogs our lights aren't just for Christmas either, and some of our products have even been featured on TV shows like The X Factor, The Gadget Show and even The Royle Family.

Christmas Trees

Whilst we do sell products suitable for use all year, our Christmas trees are unlikely to be one of them. We stock a huge variety of different artificial Christmas trees, as well as tree decorations. Amongst our trees you will find PE trees, pre-lit designs, coloured Xmas trees and those designed for commercial use.

Christmas Lights

Today people use lights all year round, but Christmas is still our favourite time of year for lighting up the house and garden. We believe Christmas should be celebrated in style – what better way to embrace the season than with Christmas lights from our extensive range!

Fairy Lights

Amongst the most popular type of light no matter what time of year it is, are fairy lights. These are a series of bulbs connected in a string and are often associated with Christmas and the festive season. We have more fairy lights than you can shake a stick at, including solar fairy lights, indoor fairy lights and outdoor fairy lights, all of which are available in a multitude of different colours.

Battery Lights

Great for use indoors in those difficult to reach areas where mains lighting isn't possible, our battery lights range also features outdoor variants for use in the summer or winter. Each product description will notify you of the batteries that are required.

Garden Lights

Garden lighting is now extremely popular. We stock plenty of different garden lights, whether for practical use – to light a shed or for security purposes, for example – or purely to add a little decoration. This range includes battery, mains and solar powered lighting, the latter of which is detailed below.

Solar Lights

Solar lighting has increased hugely in popularity in recent years, thanks in part to rising electricity costs and concerns for the environment. Advances in solar technology mean that solar lights are now a viable alternative to traditional halogen lighting.

Christmas Lighting

Xmas lighting for the perfect Christmas spirit

Many things spring to mind when we think of Christmas; however nothing quite says it is Christmas like a festive display of Xmas lights. Christmas lighting is everywhere, in shopping centres, restaurants and other public places, and even more so within our own homes. Decorating our homes with Xmas lighting marks the start of the festive season and brings cheer to everyone around. It is something which all the family can be part of and should be fun and exciting. At Festive Lights Ltd we offer a varied range of LED Christmas lights to really get you in the seasonal mood.

Be the envy of your neighbourhood

Christmas is a time to spread the festive cheer and many of us stare in admiration at an impressive array of Xmas lighting within other houses in our street, and thanks to our bright and vibrant LED Christmas lights we can make it possible for any home to be the envy of their neighbourhood. From simple Xmas lighting effects in the window to full house coverage, the way in which you use your LED Christmas lights is up to you. From icicle effects to classic fairy lights, there are Christmas lighting options available to suit every taste and compete with even the most decorative of neighbour's houses.